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Kualifikasi SDM Microfinance

Micro finance institutions such as the BPR / S, Cooperative Savings and Loan, and other financial institutions which are the first door for micro credit facility to obtain an attempt to develop small businesses. There are many established microfinance institutions in Indonesia, but not a few who are not able to survive long. Many factors but the factors that cause the most dominant cause is because the quality of human resources that have not in accordance with the standards or no standards. In BPR / S has a National Work Competence Standards Indonesia (SKKNI) and that it has been required by Bank Indonesia to the level of Director. But in the cooperative financial services, although it has no SKKNI but there is no obligation for co-operative managers to follow. And this is SKKNI Depnaker provisions of the relevant agencies but did not follow up with Depkop quickly. Consequently, many cooperative activities that have deviated from the principles of cooperatives. How attention to education and human resource development, it was also received less attention because the cost of education is large enough to be the reason most cooperatives. In the end it is a lot of credit that are not qualified and even more fraud that occurs over time can lead to bankruptcy of the cooperative. So what ....

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